Stop by on Thursday, Feb. 29, and buy 1 beer...

Then you'll enjoy a scratch card with which you can win a year's worth of free beer as the grand prize! 


* also valid if you order a non-alcoholic beer.


 What can you win?

1 year, a¬†beer a day for free!¬†ūü•≥


Why? Because we always say:
"At Beer Central, you have a beer for every day of the year, even during a leap year! ūüę∂"

*1 scratch card contains:

Try again with one of our 366 beers


WINNER! 1 bottle 75 cl Duvel & win 366 days of beer



With the winning ticket, you'll receive a participation card to enter the grand prize!

*Winner grand prize will be announced on Friday, March 1.


The winner will be notified via the contact information on the participation card. This prize is strictly personal and entitles you to one free beer per day and is valid from 01.03.2024 to 01.03.2025.

Double your chance?

Then order one from Duvel-Moortgat!

 Thanks to our good cooperation with the Duvel-Moortgat Brewery, you get 2 scratch cards instead of one! (valid with the beers from the list below)




Duvel - Chouffe - Liefmans - Bolleke - Triple d'Anvers - Maredsous - Tank 7

Come and enjoy Belgian classics in Ghent, Antwerp, brussels and mechelen

Bier Central is the mecca for true beer lovers.


This is not just a beer café, everything here exudes craftsmanship and passion for beer; from the extensive range, the interior and to the service. The remarkable thing is that everything is tied to Belgium: on the menu there are only typical Belgian dishes and you will not find any international beers in the Beer Cyclopedia.


We, Belgians, have been known for our beer culture for many years and at Bier Central we are very proud of this.

30 Belgian beers on tap and more than 300 Belgian bottled beers!



And then there is the "Beer Encyclopedia".


A nice overview of all 366 Belgian beers we offer with a clear description for each product Required reading for every beer lover!


Discover the preview here.



And for the real fan, we also organize tastings, be sure to check them out here.