Beer tastings.

Have you always wanted to know more about beer? Our beer sommeliers are happy to enrich your beer knowledge during the beer tasting. During these exclusive workshops you learn to taste beer, recognize tastes, understand the brewing process ... This can be done in group or individually. Beer will never be the same and your enjoyment of beer will only increase.


You drink beer with intelligence and love. Individual or with friends. At Bier Central you will find no less than 300 Belgian bottled beers and no less than 27 draft beers in Antwerp and 30 in Ghent. We can therefore call ourselves the mecca of Belgian beers. We don't have to explain that beer is our passion. But we would like to share this passion with you. Our beer sommeliers are happy to be ready for an extensive beer tasting / workshop.

Enough choice; special beers, luxury beers, abbey beers, fruit beers, etc. you name it.

Our beer tastings.

Beer tastings are only available after online request and approval via or or

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